9 November 2005

This is not a post about Google

My last post was sooooo popular that I can sense the Internet’s eyes have been watching me closely, anticipating my next move. Naturally, I feel like I should be following it up with something that will get the whole web talking again, but that’s simply not going to happen. Things have been unusually quiet on the Google front, so if you’re after some breaking news about “The Mighty G” I’m afraid you’ll have to look somewhere else as this is going to be one of those boring posts about what I’ve been up to recently – and I’m sorry about that because I hate posts like this too. Anyway...

A couple of weekends ago I went to the school reunion that I’d been organising since January. Only twelve people turned up, so it wasn’t a great turn out, but it was pretty much what I expected really. It was good to see the people who’d made the effort though. I did learn one very important lesson from the experience: not everyone uses the Internet as much as I do. (Some people don’t even have a computer, never mind an email address – can you even believe that!?) Maybe I’ll organise another reunion in five or ten years and use the good old Royal Mail to deliver my invites rather that rely on email.

In other news, I finally dusted off my credit card and purchased myself a Sony PSP. What a pain in the arse it was to get hold of one those! I should’ve listened to what people were saying back in May and either purchased an import or pre-ordered a UK version. After um-ing and ah-ing for a couple of days, I decided to order one from Play because their website said they were “In Stock”. However, after clicking the “Place Order” button and waiting for them to release my order, they suddenly decided that they were “Awaiting Stock” instead. Three weeks later, I was still PSP-less so I phoned my local Virgin Megastore – just on the off chance that they might have some – only to discover that they were expecting a delivery later that week. A couple of days later, they gave me a call and I had one in the palm of my hand... quite literally! My advice? Buy! Buy! Buy!

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haha. im still watching anyway... and i'm more into computer games