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31 December 2002


A really good, simple, black and white Flash "game". You can have hours of fun just flying around the sky!


FLY GUY posted by at 10:42

12 December 2002

Extreme Ironing

Welcome to the home of extreme ironing – the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.


11 December 2002

Celebrity Secret Santa Challenge II

A bit of seasonal fun for you all. Try and guess who’s hiding behind the cheeky Santa beard and hat! Some are a little tricky...


6 December 2002

Star Wars (Geek Format)

It’s an ASCII animation of Star Wars... which proves that some people really have far too much time on their hands!


2 December 2002

Pixel Totem

Native Americans used to carve totem poles from tree trunks. Now this guy would like you to carve them out of pixels.


Pixel Totem posted by at 20:02