11 November 2005

Forty Faces: Who Just Blogged?

Earlier this week, I emailed my photo and blog URL to Philipp Lenssen for a new website he was planning after he requested people to do so via Google Blogoscoped. I had no idea what the site would do, but all became clear when it was released earlier today.

Forty Faces is a very simple idea, but I like it. The home page displays forty faces (some of which are duplicates) that correspond to a blogger who has submitted a photo and blog URL for inclusion on the site. Whenever one of the bloggers makes a post to their blog, their portrait is added to the top of the page and it links to their latest post.

In his article on Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes, Jakob Nielsen claims that a photo “offers a more personable impression of the author” and connects the virtual and “physical worlds”. To some extent, I think he’s right. He also suggests that author biographies add credibility to the opinions and thoughts expressed in a blog, so it will be interesting to see whether Philipp adds these to the Forty Faces site too.



Actually, that's the main area of expansion I'm pondering for the site.

did you just update this post or something ?? Not sure why it appears in my webclips