3 October 2005

Google Subdomains

Following the recent hype about a possible Google Calendar that might be appearing soon at, I wrote a quick script to see what other Google subdomains exist that use everyday words in the hope that I’d be the first to discover some new Google service that’s about to appear anytime now.

Using a popular word list as the basis for 61,406 common (and not-so-common) words (the same one used by Waxy’s Dictionary Domain List), I ran the script last weekend and found some interesting – and plenty of uninteresting – subdomains.

After Googling a few of them, it would seem that I’m not the only one to have this idea either. Oh well. However, I did find a few that I couldn’t find being discussed or listed anywhere else though:

Anyway, if you’re interested in the full list of subdomains I found using the script – and I know there are others – it’s available here.

Update: 24 October 2005
I’ve just found another Google subdomain.

Update: 11 June 2006 (11:33)
Updated the link to the list of Google Subdomains as it’s now been moved to a more permanent home where I shall continue to update it as I find new subdomains.



Thats a nice piece of info, thnaks.
BTW, which search tech did u use to find these subdomains?
let me know at

Did anyone ever tell you you're that king of genius that only uses his wisdom to make useless crap? LOL
I found it really cool!

Can you try that script on now?

I simply used some ASP and the MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP object, logging the results to a text file.

Thanks for the compliment. (At least, I think that's a compliment!)

Zeno Izen:
I could run it on but it takes quite a long time to run and I doubt there are any subdomains running on that domain.

There any possibility that I can use a similar technique on my own although I really don't know nothing about ASP and MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP object??


By the way, really really great job...

Not to mince words, but if you're using the MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP object you're not scanning for subdomains but for webservers operational at subdomains. A truly thorough job would run straight off DNS - and would be much faster too.

Claus, you're absolutely right. However, I know practically zilch about scripting stuff to query DNS servers, so this was the only method available to me really - and it achieved what I wanted it to achieve, so I'm happy.

Try also this:

Why don't you just go here...

I'm noticing a new domain. Wonder what's up with that??

Kirby - I added that subdomain to the file yesterday. Check this post over at Google Blogoscoped for more info on what Google Pack is...

Ohh.. Sorry.. I didn't notice!! That's an interesting blog you posted there!! Thanks for the info!! Can't wait to try what ever it is!! Kirby

Please i want to know how can i do to know the folder associated to a sub-domain, for example in the subdomain it for example is associated to something like this,
by Anonymous Anonymous  

I looked at the robots.txt file. Has anyone been to latley. It gave me an xml file.
by Anonymous Anonymous