22 September 2005

Student Til I Die...

Around eight years ago, I packed up my dad’s car and we drove over Snakes Pass for me to start my first year at university. Earlier this week – more than five years after I graduated – I finally paid off the dreaded student loan. (If only I’d had a million dollar money making scheme before I went to uni!) So, I’ll now have a little bit of extra cash each month that I can use to buy something really cool...

It’s also Freshers’ Week down at the student union this week and I’m ashamed proud to say that I’ve managed to go to every Freshers’ Week since 1997, thanks to my well-used Union Life Membership. This year will therefore be my 9th Freshers’ Week!

Anyway, best go and learn all the lyrics to The Proclaimers I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) ready for Pop Tarts! welcomes all students to Sheffield!



I can't help thinking that the title to this post is a little too close to the truth after you described your hangover to me this morning!! Glad you enjoyed yourself though...

So your the old guy who turns up at freshers week to perve at all the 18 year old 'girls'! Get an allotment, old man.