1 November 2008

Movember: Moustache Month

I hate shaving but I’ve got a clean shaven face today because during Movember (the month formerly known as November) I will be growing and grooming a moustache – also known as a mo’ or a ‘tache – to raise money and awareness about male health issues. I’ve also somehow managed to convince around twelve other men from work to do the same thing.

I’ll be trying to post a photo to my blog every day so that you can keep track of my progress. Ironically, I’m actually going to try and shave more often than my usual once-per-week so that my ‘tache is more prominent but we’ll have to see how much that rips my face and neck to shreds.

If you want to donate, there are a few different ways to do it:The Prostate Cancer Charity

  1. Donate to me – Your donation will be registered against my name [View my Mo Space]

  2. Donate to Team SDL – Your donation will be divided equally between everyone in my team

  3. Email me – If you want to make an offline donation, I’ll let you know how you can do that

All donations are made directly to the The Prostate Cancer Charity who are using the funds to create awareness, fund research, increase support resources and networks for those men who suffer from prostate cancer.

Sadly, a lot of men at work apparently aren’t allowed to help raise awareness of male health issues because their wives and girlfriends are so selfish that they refuse to be kissed by a man with a moustache for just one month, even though it would help raise money and increase awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. Pathetic. I wonder if those same wives and girlfriends would still kiss their men if they had testicular cancer.

Others are too worried about what they’ll look like or how they might get a bit embarrassed walking around with a bit of facial hair. I wonder if these men would get embarrassed when the doctor has to shove his finger up their arse because they need their prostate gland examining in case they’ve got prostate cancer.

If you want to know more about Movember, try the following links:

Otherwise, watch this space for photos of my mo’ – and please donate some money!

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