6 February 2008

Engaged to be Married!

Yes. That’s me. And Suzy. We are now officially engaged to be married. To each other too, believe it or not!

Something I didn’t mention in my write-up of The Old Vicarage was that between the main course and dessert, I finally asked Suzy if she would marry me. Her first response was, “Are you really asking?” which was shortly followed by, “Yes!” after I proved that I was really asking by showing her the ring, which I’d sneakily bought on the Thursday lunchtime from Green + Benz.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too soppy or bore you with all the details, so here are the most frequently asked questions about the engagement if you’re really that interested:

Q. Did you get down on one knee?

A. Not in the restaurant (that would have been too embarrassing for both of us) but I did when we go home.

Q. Did Suzy cry?

A. She didn’t sob like a baby but her eyes filled up immediately and ruined her eye make-up.

Q. Did Tony cry?

A. Of course not. He’s a man. And men don’t cry. They just get a lump in their throat.

Q. Did you ask her dad for her hand in marriage?

A. I phoned him when we got home. His first response was, “You beauty!” followed by, “Yes, of course!”

Q. Can we see the ring?

A. Not yet. The ring I proposed with was just from the shop display (and was too big anyway) so a new one is now being made especially for Suzy and will be ready in the next few weeks. (It’s a platinum solitaire band with one brilliant cut D flawless diamond, whatever that means.)

Q. When are you getting married?

A. We’re probably going to move house first and then start planning the wedding, so it’s probably going to be some time in 2009-10.

Q. When is the hen party / stag do?

A. Probably around four weeks or so before the wedding. Just enough time for me to find my way home and for my eyebrows to grow back...

Any more questions? Ask in the comments...



CONGRATZ to you and your future wife!!!

"I only went and popped the question on Saturday night! And Suzy actually said YES!!! :-)."

took you a long time to blog about it mate !!

All the best and many happy years together !!

Can we have a sneak preview of the photo album :)

Congratulations Tony (and Suzy).

Ai, tony, não case com a Suzy não, lindinho, case comigo, rsrsrs

"One platinum solitaire band with one brilliant cut D flawless diamond"

Wow! Eu tb quero!!


by Anonymous Anonymous  

Hey, where Suzy's photo, Tony?
Show us, please and congratulations!
by Anonymous Anonymous  

Congratulations! (As if men would joke about getting engaged!)