5 January 2008


In my first post of 2007 I listed some resolutions and told you to come back in a year to find out how I got on. So let’s compare how I actually did with how I thought I’d do...

  1. Run the Sheffield Half Marathon – 0% (down from 99%)
  2. Try to look smarter at work – 75% (down from 95%)
  3. Eat evening meals at the table – 50% (down from 90%)
  4. Play guitar for at least one hour every week – 10% (down from 85%)
  5. Give blood more regularly – 100% (up from 80%)
  6. Only go on my PC if I’ve got something I actually need to do – 75% (up from 50%)
  7. Play my trumpet every once in a while – 0% (down from 30%)
  8. Get an allotment to grow my own vegetables – 0% (down from 20%)
  9. Volunteer my services to the local amateur theatrical society – 0% (down from 10%)
  10. Come up with an idea for a website that will make me rich – 0% (down from 1%)
  11. Watch more live bands – 100% (up from 75%)

Basically I managed to go through with six out of eleven (to some extent) but only completely managed to keep to two. Due to my poor success rate, I will not be making any resolutions for 2008. I’ll just try to make sure that Daddy McRiley sticks to his and use the rest of my time to master Guitar Hero III on my Wii!

(If you want to see how I’m doing, check out my profile on the Guitar Hero Community website. And if you’ve got Guitar Hero on the Wii and fancy challenging me, let me know your friend code.)

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Happy New Year! Is the year still new? I figure a week is still pretty young.

This list reminds me why I don't make resolutions. But if I did they probably would have been 'Buy a House', 'Get a job in Web Development' and 'Get more Freelance work', all of which I achieved!

Damn it! Think of all the smug self-gratification I could be having had I actually made those resolutions. Is it too late to make some for this year?

I feel partly responsible for two of your failures. I have two excuses: 1) I'm a lazy bastard. 2) I'm a Dad. Hopefully 2008 will see me able to put right at least some of my wrongs.

By the way. How can you be 75% better dressed for work? Does this mean you didn't put clean pants on but did at least turn the soiled ones round?

Happy New Year!

How can you be 75% better dressed for work?

Good question. The answer is simple... and it has nothing to do with pants.

I was better dressed between January and September, which therefore accounts for 75% of the year.

Aahh. I see. What happened then? Did you succumb to peer pressure in October? Did your "new" colleagues mock your sophistication and pull you back down to their level?

Maybe in 2008 you can set the gold standard for business casual in the web development clan. (It must be a clan you have a McRiley!)