12 December 2007

Secret iGoogle Themes

Since some new iGoogle themes were released last month and the Holiday Village theme for iGoogle was spotted more recently, I wondered how many other themes Google might be hiding from us... and found these two:

TC (tc.xml)

Similar to the default Classic theme, this skin keeps things simple but adds a soft blue gradient background, removes link underlining and adds a bit more space around links in the navigation.

Skateboard (skateboard.xml)

If you want your iGoogle page to show graffiti and a drawing of a “sk8r chick” then you might prefer this theme instead.

To enable either of these themes, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit

  2. Enter the following in your browser’s address bar:


    Where tc.xml is the XML filename of the theme shown above.

  3. Click the Save button.

Neither of these themes include any information about their author, title or description in their XML files. Nor do they change based on time, weather or day of the week. I guess this could mean they’re not finished, so don’t be surprised if they change or get deleted!

Can anyone find any more?

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