3 September 2007

Jotspot Coming to Google Apps as Google Wiki?

Since acquiring Jotspot last October, Google has been busy working on integrating the wiki service into its infrastructure.

In April this year, Jotspot’s help and support pages moved to Google and a few months later Dave Girouard mentioned that JotSpot would be added to Google Apps.

Martin Porcheron, a regular Google Blogoscoped forum member, noticed yesterday that “jotspot” is now a Google Apps service code name. Furthermore, anyone with a domain hosted with Google Apps who isn’t using custom logos will see a “Google Wiki” logo when trying to login to the service. (The login page currently returns a “Service not available” message which is normal for services that haven’t yet been activated in your Google Apps account.) A link to “” is also shown. This address doesn’t currently resolve but it could suggest that Jotspot may have been moved to use the same underlying technology as Google Page Creator.

Google Operating System expects Google’s version of Jotspot – which will probably be re-branded as Google Wiki – to be officially announced at the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco next week. Also, as Google OS adds, “This conference seems the perfect place for launching the much-anticipated presentation app.”

[Thanks Martin and Ionut!]

Update: The login page now returns a “Bad Request” message, although the Google Wiki logo is still available for now. It is, however, still possible to view the DisableService page if you sign in to your own Google Apps domain.

Update 2: The “DisableService” page has now been disabled.

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