4 February 2007

Teppanyaki at WasabiSabi

On the last Friday before New Year, we got together with a few friends and visited WasabiSabi on London Road, Sheffield for teppanyaki.

For those of you who’ve never had the pleasure of going to a teppanyaki restaurant, it’s a Japanese restaurant where you all sit around an iron griddle where your chef cooks your food in front of you while providing some entertainment by juggling, setting things on fire and generally doing crazy things with his utensils!

To get a better idea of the setup, take a look at our photos and watch this video of our chef juggling eggs, catching one in his hat and then getting each of us to try and catch pieces of egg in our mouth:

There are six menus to choose from but you can all choose whichever you prefer. Most of us chose the 2nd most expensive menu from the list, which for £28.50 included:

Miso soup
Half Lobster tail
Breast of Chicken
Fillet steak
Egg fried rice
Wasabisabi pancake
Ice cream
Green tea or coffee

And that’s not a choice of main courses; you each get everything that’s shown! You can download the full menu from their website if you want to see the other options available.

I’ve heard people suggest that this place is a little expensive, but I think that £40 per head including plenty drinks and a 10% service charge is quite reasonable for a night of really good food and entertainment. (Our table was booked for 9:00 PM and we didn’t leave until gone midnight, so when you compare what you could spend on meal and a night in the pub, £40 isn’t bad at all.)

I’d definitely recommend trying teppanyaki at WasabiSabi for either a special occassion or any excuse you can think of! It’s probably best to book early as they only have three griddles, go in groups of six of more to fully appreciate the entertainment side of things and be prepared to share your griddle with others.

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Nice blog.

Wasabisabi rocks.
I went there last week to celebrate my sisters birthday and the food was excellent.

You're right about the price too. I've heard others say it's too expensive but there are few places you can go and have a good meal, good drink and be entertained for £40?