16 January 2007

AdSense coming to Google Apps for Your Domain?

Whilst playing with Google Apps for Your Domain the other night, I was wondering whether any more services were in the pipeline. Since it uses a similar approach to Google Accounts for its service login pages, I thought I’d see what I could find.

If you’ve not already seen my Google Account Service Names page, it contains a list of all known Google Account services along with the code used in the query string of various Google Account addresses. I’ve now added Google Apps for Your Domain service names to this page – and these are what I’ve found so far (using as the example domain):

So nothing new and exciting there then. We already knew about all of them, except for AdSense.

Does that mean they’re going to add AdSense to the available services? If so, I’m really not sure how this would be beneficial to users, other than making it easier for anyone hosting their site with Google Apps for Your Domain to include AdSense in their pages. Perhaps that’s the idea...

Update: 16 January 2007 (14:08)

Actually, this has been metioned before when Google Apps for Your Domain was updated a couple of months ago. Referring to customizing the start page, the instructions said:

Once published, you may sign up for AdSense for search to earn money from your start page.

However, I can’t find any reference to AdSense in my account or in the Google Apps for Your Domain Help pages when searching for [adsense] either.

Update: 19 January 2007 (17:10)
* Added Start page editor – pspc – to the list.

Update: 6 February 2007 (14:07)
** Added Google Spreadsheets (wise) and Google Writely (writely) added to the list. More...



Good find, tony. I had noticed those help pages soon after GAFD was updated, but I never could find any settings for it. Hopefully it comes soon.