18 August 2005

Little Lever School Reunion

I’ve finally managed to set a date and book a venue for the reunion!

It’s been in the pipeline since January and I was originally hoping to hold it during the summer. However, since time has flown by far too quickly, it’s now provisionally booked for Saturday 29th October 2005.

The 53 people who have shown an interest so far are:

Uazman Alam, Gary Andrew, Alexis Baines, Alison Barton, Donna Baybut, Linda Hurst, Lindsay Bessell, Emma Bowker, Neil Brockhouse, Paul Brockhouse, Christopher Burke, Helen Carter, Joanne Cooper, Samantha Cunliffe, Melanie Donaldson, Matthew Dunn, Steven Fisk, Donna Haines, Gail Halton, Katy Hargreaves, Michelle Holland, Tracy Horrocks, Scott Husband, Grant Ingham, Mark Jamieson, Ravinder Jugdey, Noel Kearns, Imran Khalique, Imran Khan, Claire Kinsey, Angela Kirby, Hayley Lowe, Sharon Mann, Clare Matthews, Craig Mellett, Claire Mullane, Scott Parkinson, Binesh Patel, Pritesh Patel, Caroline Platt, Tracey Pryers, Lisa Rawsthorn, Gillian Robinson, Gareth Ross, Anthony Ruscoe, Kelly Urion, Lee Valentine, Denise Warburton, Adam Watson, Jenny Watson, Jodie Wells, Nicola Whitworth, Amy Williams

If you know anyone else who left Little Lever School in 1995 who’s not on that list, tell them to register their details on the Little Lever School Reunion Website so they’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest information.

More details to follow soon(ish)...