14 January 2008

Mor Brane Traineing?

For Christmas, Suzy got More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima: How Old is Your Brain for her Nintendo DS. I’ve been playing it a little bit to see whether I’ve managed to maintain my “brain age” of 20, which is the best score you can get and what I achieved on the last version. (I’m currently scoring the same as my real age, so that’s pretty good given that my brain’s probably a bit out of practice.)

Anyway, one of the new games to help train your brain is Word Blend. Several words are played simultaneously through the speaker and you then have to write on the screen what you heard, testing your hearing and spelling abilities. After several failed attempts to write down one of the words I heard the other day, I finally gave up. And what did it say the answer was?


How can I ever trust Dr Kawashima again?!

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You did cheat to get your brain age of 20 though. Maybe the good Dr. knew this and was compensating?

I didn't cheat! I merely selected the tests in which I was strongest. I still did 3 out of 3 and was told my brain age was 20. And that's the rules...