15 May 2007

Zelda Fishing Task on the Wii

One of the games I bought for my Wii was The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I figured it would be a good game to try out some of the different capabilities of the Wii controllers.

Last Saturday, still hungover from the night before, I decided to give it a go. Three hours later, I was still stuck on the fishing task. No matter how hard I tried to think like a 12 year old (the game’s rating is 12+) I just couldn’t yank that fish out of the water – and that’s when I managed to hook one! Aimlessly dangling a pretend fishing rod in a pretend fishing pond wasn’t what I’d bought a Wii for!

The following morning we had a visit from the elusive blog commenter known as “S Crayon” who wanted to see what the Wii was like. Within a couple of minutes, he had FISH ON! flashing up on the screen. A few more minutes later and he couldn’t stop catching fish! I guess this means he has a lower mental age than me or something. How else could he have done it?

Anyway, I’m guessing there may be other Wii owners out there who are struggling with this task (surely it can’t be just me, can it?) so here’s what you need to do:

  1. Cast your line into the pond
  2. Dangle it around, bobbing the float on top of the water
  3. When you see that the line is moving, pull your controller up and leave it up
  4. If you don’t get a bite within a minute or two, try again

I was going wrong at the third stage by constantly waving my controller up and down, trying to yank the fish out of the water. I also just sat there for hours waiting for another fish to bite.

Having never been fishing, I clearly had no idea what I was doing. I wonder if I’d have the same problem with Red Steel since I’ve never had to save anyone from being kidnapped by Japanese mobsters either...

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I didn't have any problems with the fishing task. I don't know if that means I am good at games and lateral thinking or if I have the mental prowess of a child!

I'll go for the first one. :-)

Keep trying with the game though as you will soon get weapons and a proper mission to go on. It's great!!!!

Yeah, I've made it to the bit where I'm a wolf now. It was quite late when I was playing it though and Suzy was getting scared so I had to switch it off... :-)

Are you calling me a boy? I AM ALL MAN!!
by Anonymous Anonymous  

my roommate and I have been trying to catch a dern fish for an hour now. what is the deal?! it is so annoying!
thanks for you attempted instructions but it still hasn't helped. can someone else give more instruction as how to catch a dern fish.
by Anonymous Anonymous  

Yeah, I just can't get the fishing thing. I must have had 3 goes for about 2 hours each trying, but I'll try your suggestions.

Fortunately, red steel is much easier and a great way to sort out those fishing frustrations!
by Anonymous Anonymous  

I hate to break it but the early fishing is not the only time that you have to do fishing and it doesn't get any easier unless you practice lots!
I'm stuck trying to catch red fish and there harder!
by Anonymous Anonymous  

Pull the wiimote TOWARDS you insteafd of up when you see the bobber go down. Spent over an trying to get my first one and now I can catch them at will. What a wast of life. Saj

I came across your page, googling for solutions on the fishing problem too.
I will try this out, and hopefully it will work.

- Jonathan

I feel so stupid! It took one day and hundred YouTube videos to learn.. and the answer was here. Thank you, SO MUCH.


Having just watched my beloved girlfriend spend nearly an hour trying to sort this out I began googling for some kind of an answer - your site helped the most, and here's how she got through this one.

As soon as the float / thingy bobs down under the water - you need to give a *very* sharp pull back and up on the Wii controller - give it as hard a jerk as you can manage back towards yourself and slightly up to get the "Fish On" comment.

(I think you also need to press the 'C' button on the Wii Nunchuck)

After that make a rapid clockwise circular motion towards yourself with the Wii nunchuck to reel in the line whilst also gradually and semi-intermittantly pulling back on the Wii controller.

You should have caught a fish. Don't put it back in the water (don't press the 'A' button). Keep it, then when you do the same again the cat makes a grab for the second fish you catch.