7 May 2007

What is Google WWW10?

It’s been a while since my last post about new Google services, so here’s one you can speculate about...

I found this completely by accident when I typed in which redirected to the ServiceLogin page for WWW10.

I suppose WWW10 could simply mean Web 2.0 – since “WWW” means “World Wide Web” and 10 is 2 in binary – although that obviously doesn’t help explain what it might actually be. Does anyone want to take a guess?

Anyway, I’ve added it to my list of growing Google Account Service Names which now includes several services that are yet to be named, including fiji, gam, rs2, ssd, weaver and wf.



Google: "Sign in to WWW10 with your"

First (and only) result dated back 07-22-2006.

site:www10.*.* returns 125,000 results.

Your guess is very persuasive to me.

Thanks Haochi. I'd searched for [""] on both web and blog searches and got zero results so I just assumed it was new. It's still a bit of a mystery though!

Nobody cares Ruscoe. Nobody cares. Go catch some Wii fish!
by Anonymous Anonymous  

This tests the future GDrive...

Network for people

Thanks, vladbuk. You may have seen that I wrote about this possibly being for GDrive over on Google Blogoscoped recently.