14 May 2007

We Wii? Oui!

Ah yes... I forgot to tell you all that I’m now the proud owner of a stupidly named Nintendo Wii.

A few weeks ago, this article dropped into Google Reader confirming that Guitar Hero III would be available for the Wii later this year. The mention of downloadable tracks and online play immediately sold the console to me! I’d already decided a while back that I needed a new gadget but, like many others, I didn’t fancy spending £425 on a PS3, so the Wii was now the obvious choice. In fact, I actually had some change left over after I sensibly sold my Xbox and PSP since I’d not played on either for months. (I’d also heard a rumour that Sony was going to drop the list price for PSPs soon so decided to get rid of mine sooner rather than later while it was still worth more than a tenner...)

However, little did I know how difficult it was to actually find a Wii to buy! Luckily for me, I know people. And we all know that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. So when an Argos store in Hull got two delivered, one of them had my name on it!

What’s so good about the Wii?

WiiI guess the controller’s the obvious thing to mention. Waving your arms around not only makes games more interesting, but it helps to keep you fit and seems to amuse anyone who might be watching you through your lounge window too. Wii Sports and Wii Play are both ideal games for learning how to use the remote in different ways. The graphics might not be breathtaking but who really cares? It’s backwards compatible with the Nintendo GameCube (not that it matters to me) and you can also buy points to download old NES, SNES, N64, Sega Mega Drive and PC games for it. If that’s not enough, you can also browse the Internet (the Opera-powered Internet Channel software is free at the moment) and the Google Reader team have even launched an interface especially for the Wii!

And there’s more... If any of your friends have a Wii, you can add their Wii number to your contacts and watch their Mii mingle with yours. Since Christian managed to find a Wii, we’ve now got Mr and Mrs Briddon wandering around our TV screen in the Mii Parade.

Seriously, geeks have never had so much fun!

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The Wii is seriously good!

We are also gathering a large collection of mii's on our wii and it is nice to see them as the crowd in the Sports games intead of the default ones! If you play baseball your contacts are actually on your team as well!

You see myself and Victoria on your Wii but don't you see Alice as well? We created one for her too. She's the short one. :-)

To be honest, Suzy's the one who's been organising the Wii Miis. She showed me you and Victoria but I didn't see Alice anywhere. Did you set her to Mingle? I'll check tonight.

I was wondering, does it just make a permanent copy of the Miis or will it update them on your Wii if we make changes to ours? I'm not sure mine looks like me as much as yours looks like you, so I may need to make some adjustments...

My favourite Mii that turns up in bowling is the one thats looks like the Big Labowski.

Heh. There's some seriously dodgy facial hair on some of those system Miis!

Perhaps that's what was distracting Christian when Victoria beat him at the bowling...

Yes, that's what it was, dodgy facial-hair!!!

We have not played any games as Alice so maybe it only transfers mii's that are in use to other Wii's.