27 May 2007

It's just not cricket...

A few months ago I was invited on an outing to see some cricket. Since I’m not into cricket, I declined the offer. Then someone explained that “watching cricket” actually just involves lots of drinking, so I obviously accepted.

It’s now 19:00 on a Sunday evening. We’ve been awake for around twelve hours and have been drinking alcoholic beverages for approximately eight of those, some since before 9:00! It’s been raining all day too, which means we’ve seen no cricket whatsoever (except for some old highlights they showed on TV). Are we bothered? Not really. We’ve had fun, cricket or not.

Here are some points for discussion though:

Why does HotPhil keep interrupting me? (Just because he’s already written his post perhaps?)

Why didn’t they put a few more carriages on our train from Sheffield to Leeds when they knew it was going to be packed like it is every year because everyone’s going to watch the cricket?

Why didn’t they build a roof over the stadium when they knew that they were building it in the North of England where it will obviously rain whenever a test match is scheduled?

Why did Chris Hill go home so early? (Cos he was hammered, perhaps?)

Why does Coco Smiley McRiley keep denying his Scottish heritage?

Is live blogging actually a good idea when you’ve been drinking all day?

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Why did Chris Hill go home so early?

Yeah, being hammered was pretty much all the excuse I needed (plus that bar was pretty smokey!). I'm now about to have some nice tuna for my tea. MMMmmmmm

er, yeah, you were pretty hammered Chris. Good job Liv was sober enough to look after you. ;-)