1 April 2007

The Road to Glastonbury

(Times are approximate...)

07:00 Got my Google Calendar SMS reminder to buy tickets for Glastonbury Festival

07:50 Got out of bed and had a shower

08:20 Checked my emails and the website to see what I should be doing

08:40 Visited the website only to get redirected to by their load-balancing software

08:50 Setup two laptops and distributed the URLs and phone numbers to Suzy and Jo

09:00 Started to reload the web pages and constantly redial the phone numbers

09:05 Noticed that even wasn’t able to cope with the number of visitors

09:10 Started thinking of ways to buy tickets via back-door methods, including doing reverse lookups and trying different aliases for the domain and server (some of which even worked!)

10:30 Found lots of blogs with posts by smug bastards saying they’d secured tickets after 30 minutes of trying, including one that claimed he’d got a more direct link to the order page from

10:31 Cursed all those smug bastards for a while

10:40 Registered on the Festival Forums to find that goddamn link and alternative phone numbers! (Turns out it was just another alias which I’d not tried, so felt a little pleased that I was on the right track!)

10:45 Standard (non-coach package) tickets SOLD OUT but not really bovvered cos we wanted coach tickets anyway!

10:46 More frequent reloading of the coach ticket sales web page and constant redialling of all the phone numbers we could find

11:10 Web page loaded, details entered, checked and double-checked (although slightly shocked by the fact that the coach departs on the Wednesday and returns on the Monday!)


22:43 Still waiting for the email confirmation, which may take up to 24 hours apparently... although that still doesn’t stop the paranoia that something went wrong with the transaction and we’ve not actually got the tickets!

Update: 2 April 2007 (18:10)
Don’t panic... I received my confirmation email at around 08:29 this morning!

Having read a few forums, blogs and all these comments on the BBC website, it seems that some people got through in minutes without any problems whilst others had several PCs and phones going for hours (like us) and yet still didn’t manage to get tickets. With 400,000 people having pre-registered their details and most probably having several PCs and phone lines trying to get through to bag one of the 137,500 tickets, it’s no surprise that phone lines were jammed and the websites couldn’t cope!

So could this have been handled more efficiently? Should they have had more phone lines open? Should they have had more web servers? Would a lottery be a better, fairer way to allocate the tickets?

Personally, I think that what happened today was a lottery anyway. Whether or not you’ve managed to get Glastonbury tickets was mainly down to luck, and I think the wide variety of circumstances under which people were successful in getting their tickets proves this. Unfortunately, everyone who didn’t get tickets will say the system failed and it was unfair – but that will always be the case no matter how they are allocated.

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You know you were always my favourite person at SDL - any chance of a ticket ;0)

Besides, with all your guitar practice lately, I thought you'd actually be headlining.


by Anonymous Anonymous  

Freakishly exactly what happened to me this morning! Almost time exact too... Hope you have a good one there!