13 March 2007

UK Government assumes everyone uses Google

I heard a radio advert this morning telling my that if I blow my car tyres up to the correct pressure, I’ll be helping to reduce global warming. At least, I think that’s what the point was. It was early. Anyway, the ad finished by saying something along the lines of:

Search the web for [act on co2] for more information.

It seems that this is the latest campaign from the UK Government to help educate people about ways in which we can prevent global warming. (I think.) And since they were restricted to a 30-second advert, someone had the bright idea of telling people to search the web to find out more. What a great idea!

So let’s take a look at the results returned by the four most popular search engines...


Whilst some of the information you find when searching for [act on co2] on any search engine could potentially be useful, I think it’s obvious that the UK government intended people to use Google and find the Department for Transport’s website.

Why didn’t they just grab (which is available) or another similar domain? Or just tell people “to google” for [act on co2] instead?

(Maybe they wanted to avoid parody sites being setup using similar domains like what happened when they launched their Preparing for Emergencies campaign a few years ago...)

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I think that they were just jumping the gun a bit. I just searched on Yahoo and the top result was which redirects to the dft page.


The Government read your blog.


You were searching yahoo etc without asking for UK only results.
by Anonymous Anonymous  

I think that they were just jumping the gun a bit.

Heh. I can't help it if I've got my finger on the pulse!

I think that because you have your finger on the pulse. Tone & Co are probably briefed about RUSCOE.NET daily.
No doubt all of No10's showers are now safely sealed with "Serious Stuff" (Although they used adhesive on the first one. That caused a few problems let me tell you). As is the crack in my shower tray by the way, Thanks for the tip.

As a test, post about what you think they should do about replacing trident. I wager that whatever you say Tone will do.

The world is safe in your hands Tone!(Ruscoe NOT Blair!)
by Anonymous Anonymous