8 March 2007

On turning animals into meat...

For the past few nights, BBC Three have been showing Kill It, Cook It, Eat It in which they’ve shown the slaughter process for cows, pigs and sheep in great detail. As a meat-eater, I felt almost obliged to watch this programme.

I’ve not much else to say about this really, other than I found it very insightful and it hasn’t changed my views on eating meat, except for making me wish that I had a really good butcher on my doorstep. In fact, the butcher explaining where the different cuts of meats come from and how to identify good quality meat was probably the best part of the programme.

Anyway, here’s a random-but-related fact: The butcher who appeared on the programme – John Mettrick – owns the butcher’s shop that was used for the special-stuff-selling Hilary Briss and Son in The League of Gentlemen TV series. (And you can view a photo of his shop in Hadfield which I took when I visited the real Royston Vasey in January 2001!)

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Have you seen "Fast Food Nation"? Or better yet, you should read the book. Books are usually better than movies since you can imagine all the scenes the way you want them to be.

Anyway, it's just really sad that the animals don't get to graze freely on green pastures. They are lined-up like books in a crowded library unable to move. Did they show you sad, graphic scenes in the show you watched?
by Anonymous Anonymous  

Funny you should mention this programme, because I watched it and, unlike yourself, it has changed the way I think about meat ALTOGETHER. I'm struggling to put it in my mouth. The stabbing, the bleed, the gutting.

Oh.. my god.
by Anonymous Anonymous  

I grew up on a farm where we occasionally butchered our own animals versus sending them to the local slaughter house and butcher. I never knew anything was different. I have deer and moose hunted and dealt with what to do with the rewards of the hunt. I respect others opinions not to participate in meat eating and the modern meat industry. I don't raise my own animals right now, but buy from neighbors that don't pump drugs to their animals, the chicken and beef and pork. I guess they are free range.

I just accepted these things as facts of how things are.