8 March 2007

On Shakespeare and the English language...

(This was going to be one big post containing a few things I kept meaning to blog about because I couldn’t be bothered to write separate posts, but once I started writing I realised they were long enough to be posts on their own... so get ready whilst I open the post flood gates!)

Last month, I took Suzy to see Shakespeare’s romantic comedy “As You Like It” at the Crucible for Valentine’s Day. The play was alright; the usual minimal sets were used and there was some decent acting by young actors. (We didn’t understand all parts of the play though due to all that crazy Shakespeare language.) However, the main thing I took away from the evening was the realisation that young people today don’t have the same flair for language as the older generations.

This struck me when we were making our way to out seats and decided that rather than disturb the several elderly people already sitting on our row, we’d walk down the row behind and step over the backs of our seats. Upon doing this, the gentlemen sitting next to Suzy said:

Your kindness is only exceeded by your athletic ability.

Now that’s miles betterer than how da kids spk 2day innit.

D’ya get me?

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I could not agree more. Younger people today seem to have a very limited vocabulary. Not that I am always any better but I do try. Maybe I should get some of that word of the day toilet roll?

I am always informing my lovely wife that as an educated woman she should be able to do better than call me a F****** Arsehole. This never seems to help though. In fact her language seems to become more limited and vulgar at this suggestion.

True. Innit!
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