18 December 2006

New Gadget: Nokia N73

Finally. After around three years of having a crappy old Nokia 6100, I’ve gone and got myself a new phone! And since Orange wouldn’t give me any sort of deal on a handset upgrade, unless I cancelled my contract and started a new one – which would mean me losing my number – I’ve decided to move to the 3 network.

Nokia N73 The Nokia N73 is one of their new 3 X-Series handsets, giving me unlimited access to Windows Live Messenger, unlimited Skype to Skype calls, unlimited data transfer, web surfing and mobile mail. Of course, when they say unlimited, they actually mean that it’s limited to fair use, which means some quite reasonable limits are in place. It can also do loads of other fancy shit, like download files from your PC using Orb and let you watch your home TV using a Slingbox.

The phone’s got Yahoo! Go stuff installed all over the place because they’ve got some kind of deal going with 3. Don’t worry though... that doesn’t mean I have to be unfaithful to my Google! I’ve already bookmarked the mobile versions of Google, Gmail and Google Reader. And I’ve also installed the Gmail and Google Maps mobile applications from rather than, which only seems to offer Google search if you visit it from your device. I’m just missing Google Talk now. (Anyone know whether or when that is likely to be available?)

To be fair to Yahoo!, I was pleased to see that the phone’s capable of talking to Flickr directly, meaning I can upload the photos that I take with its 3.2 megapixel camera straight to my Flickr account!

Who knows, maybe you’ll see me moblogging (or even movlogging) in 2007!

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From your description, this phone seems too good to be real. Use it carefully.

There are some unofficial mobile Jabber clients:

Interesting. I need to buy a phone in a few months time, so I'll be interested to see how you get on with it.

leqfystyGoogle whore! No better than being a Microsoft whore at the end of the day. Still a cool phone though. Anything that lets you do fancy shit must be special. Is it anything like this:

Having tried lots of different voip/im clients on symbian would thoroughly recommend FRING - streets ahead of anything else.

Includes gtalk and also skype



Fring now available for Symbian 9 (including N73)

skype and gtalk on the fly ...