8 December 2006

Google Online Assessment and Google Workplace?

Back in July, I posted about a few Google services that were only available in the Google Accounts sandbox. Since then, several of the secret services I discovered have been released and added to the live Google Accounts, including Google Image Labeler, Google Marketing Tools, Google Talk and Writely.

Yesterday, Christian from Googlified reported that Google Online Assessment (GOA) had also been made live and took a couple of screenshots. Google have since taken the GOA site down though.

In addition to this, I've noticed that they’ve made live yet another of the services that I discovered in the sandbox. Simply called “New Service” at the moment, its service code is wf. Here are all the usual pages:

(Note that signing up for this service won’t add it to your account though.)

When it was in the sandbox, clues pointed to this service being called Workplace. In the previous post where I mentioned this, I said:

Maybe this is the big one people have been waiting for; the one that will really kill Microsoft Office. At least, if it’s at all related to IBM Workplace it could be. I don’t know an awful lot about this, so if anyone else feels more qualified to talk about it, please go ahead. All I know is that it’s got something to do with – so that’s why it could be the killer...

Does anyone else want to guess what Google Workplace could be?

See also: Google Account Service Names (which is constantly being updated)

[Thanks Googlified and Google Blogoscoped!]



A place to work? Clues in the name Ruscoe! You fool.

Hmmm... Workplace could be the name for a rendition of Docs & Spreadsheets including a host of other services equivalent to Powerpoint and maybe something else too.

Christian -