12 December 2006

GAM and Fiji: New Google Services?

(This is another one of those non-posts, but I figured I’d make it anyway so that when these new services are eventually unveiled, I can say that you saw it here first!)

After noticing the Google Online Assessment and Google Workplace service codes went live recently, I thought I’d check to see if there were any more new Google services out there.

So, this is what’s new:



I would guess that “GAM” stands for something – like “Google Ads for Magazines“ or whatever – but the fact that it’s not fully spelt out makes it look a little suspicious...



This is even more cryptic. Neither the service code or the service name that’s being used in the login screens give any clues what this could be – unless anyone’s ever heard of a Project Fiji...?

(And if it makes any difference, is one of Google’s internal subdomains.)


Also just added to my list of Google Account Service Names are a few services we already know about but that have only just surfaced as Google Accounts services fairly recently:

Sorry for the lack of gossip, but that’s all I’ve got right now...



the link for edit service login for gam is coded wrong (listed as rs2)

Thanks, TopDawg. It's fixed now.

I'd say fiji is innovative. The more cryptic those service names are, the more innovative.
Remember Gmail codename caribou.