13 November 2006

Google Calendar: Search Public Events and Internal IP Visible Info?

I just signed in to Google Calendar and saw this:

Search Public Events / Google Internal IP Visible Info: Changes | VarZ |  DOM 2 | log |

And here’s the code that generated those links.

There are two things worth mentioning here:

  1. Search Public Events – perhaps this is a new feature they’re planning to add soon. (It reminds me of the Google Events service I found in the sandbox and posted about in July.)

    Entering a search term and clicking the button took me here (which returns an error):

    Update: 13 November 2006 (18:17)
    And after a bit more digging around, I managed to see the search results when searching for [google] (on today’s date) using the Search Public Events button. You can view a copy here. (Sorry about the formatting – I was unable to download the CSS, JS and image files...)

    Update: 15 November 2006 (09:15)
    Search Public Events is now live!

  2. Google Internal IP Visible Info: Changes | VarZ | DOM 2 | log | – these look like debugging text links meant for internal use only.

    Clicking the links did nothing, apart from the Changes link that lead here (which returns a “Sorry, Calendar is unavailable right now” error):

    Update: 13 November 2006 (17:25)
    After a bit of poking around, I’ve managed to find the Recent Changes file that the Changes link points to. It’s titled “Visible only to Google Internal IPs“ and you can view a copy here.

I was seeing this in both Internet Explorer and Firefox but it’s disappeared again now. Weird, eh?



I have seen these debug links once before when I attended a Google training.

To me it seemed that they only appear when you have a Google internal IP adress. Back then I also saw more links on the page.

My colleague (who also attended the training) blogged it on our company blog:

Congratulations on obtaining a Google-internal IP, where can I buy mine? :)

Thats cool. I hadn't noticed that before. I have just started to use Google calendar, I was using a competitor until they were sold.

Its always interesting to see what Google is coming out with, it seems like they are soon to be everywhere (except the game consoles).

How do you do it? It will be a matter of time before you will actually hack into Google.

The next time you see it open a new Tab ASAP and enter


Ah, it is Aarati Parmar Martino who works for Google and is doing changes to the Calendar app.

some proof and others

Other things worth noting:

- Google Calendar backend is Java. I wonder if its their own framework or if it is something like Struts or Faces?

- Google Calendar source code repositry appears to be Perforce (note the //depot/... syntax in the logs).

- Google has DOCTORS working on a calendar application. I sure hope this is what Aarati works on 20% of the time there, otherwise it seems a mighty waste for such a talented researcher to be working on such an app. I assume she must be getting paid well :)