14 October 2006

Google Platypus Client Leaked: Could this be GDrive?

Philipp Lenssen is reporting tonight that Google’s GDrive client has been leaked.

Going by the name “Platypus” this seems to be an internal only application – for now, at least. Rumours about an official “GDrive” client have been around for some time, but the reality of the “Platypus” project only surfaced when Corsin Camichel accidentally discovered a page being hosted on the domain back in July. Since then, little has been said about the project.

Philipp’s keeping his sources secret at the moment, but screenshots, help files and a copy of the configuration file are all available at Google Blogoscoped. (I guess without access to Google’ internal network, that’s all there is to see at the moment.)

So, now that we’ve got even more evidence that this exists, what does this mean for all of us non-Googlers? Well, not much unfortunately. Many companies have applications that are meant for internal use only and the majority of these probably never, ever get released. However, what this does mean is that Google has already built the client and the technology required for a remote storage drive. And since so many people want that, wouldn’t it make sense to release it to the public?

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