20 September 2006

Weird Google Marketing Tools Errors

I mentioned last week that Google had added Google Marketing Tools as a service. Later that day, Google announced they were partnering with Intuit to offer Marketing Tools to users of their QuickBooks software.

Today, whilst having a look through the source code of the Google Accounts login page, I found references to the following pages:

Here’s what the pages say:

You are trying to access Google Marketing Tools with the following email address:

However, you were previously signed in with a different email address:

By signing in with a different email address, you may lose access to information you have entered.

And here’s a screenshot:

Google Marketing Tools for QuickBooks Error

(They’re practically the same page, except one says “signing in” and the other says “signing up” depending on which one the user is trying to do.)

Who’s and Looking at the code, those email addresses would probably get replaced by the user’s email addresses if these error pages were called for real – but why include random email addresses instead of just leaving them blank? Maybe ‘Dani’ and ‘Fat Matt’ just want some more mail to make them feel wanted...

Anyway, in case you’re interested, the code – which seems to have been added to all the service login pages around 16 September 2006 – tries to create a QuickBooks.CoLocator ActiveX object before calling these pages in a window.showModalDialog popup, meaning it’s obviously only meant for use with Internet Explorer.

Weird or what!?

Update: 21 September 2006 (08:51)
It seems someone must have made a boo-boo! The email addresses have now been removed from those pages. [Thanks bioego!]



Hmm. Bit weird. Wouldnt of thought Google would put things like that, with "public" "fake" email addys, on a public page.

seems they have corrected this issue since I can't see any email address now!