8 August 2006 to finally use Google Accounts?

Just when I was starting to actually believe that Google had abandoned all development on Blogger, I noticed something that could possibly mean that they haven’t forgotten about their free blogging service after all...

As regular readers will know, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research into Google Account service names recently. As well as periodically checking for new service names, I’m also checking for any changes in behaviour of existing services.

Today I realised that the ‘NewAccount’ and ‘CreateAccount’ pages – which always seem to be identical – no longer generate the usual “The page you requested is invalid.” error when appending the word blogger to the service parameter. Instead, you get this message (when already signed in to your Google Account):

Google Accounts: Sign up for Blogger

(If you’re not already signed in, you’ll get the usual “Create an Account” page but customized for the Blogger service.)

This behaviour usually only occurs for services that you can sign up for using your Google Account. So, either someone’s introduced a bug that allows this to appear or Google are working on migrating Blogger logins to use Google Accounts.

Unfortunately, that’s where the fun ends for now because clicking the ‘Continue’ button appears to just reload the page whilst submitting the data to the CreateServiceAccount page. Oh well. Maybe all that will change in the next few days... or weeks... or even months!

Anyway, let’s hope this small change means Google are actually going to start developing new features for Blogger again!

Update: 11 August 2006 (13:33)

See also: Blogger definitely migrating to Google Accounts

Update: 12 August 2006 (09:16)

It seems that the ‘NewAccount’ and ‘CreateAccount’ pages both return the standard “The page you requested is invalid.” error again.

(BTW, I’ve since realised the difference between the ‘NewAccount’ and ‘CreateAccount’ pages; the ‘CreateAccount’ page will always show the full registration form, whereas the ‘NewAccount’ page will show a “Welcome back ... Get started with ...” page if you’re already signed in to your Google Account. When you’re not already signed in, they always seem to be identical.)

[Thanks to Sankar Anand in the Google Blogoscoped Forum.]

Update: 14 August 2006 (17:28)

And it’s back again!

Update: 14 August 2006 (21:27) to finally use Google Accounts? Yep...

Blogger Beta is finally here!

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This seems cool. You are doing a terrific job watching google.

Maybe now we have a better

What do you think they will fix first? Trying to combat the spam on the blogger side since they cannot do it on the search engine side?
by Anonymous Anonymous  

clickin on continue gets nowhere :(-

anyhow, interesting that blogger gets an updated
by Anonymous Anonymous