11 August 2006

Blogger definitely migrating to Google Accounts

I recently questioned whether Blogger was finally going to use Google Account logins. Well, here are some screenshots of pages I just discovered that suggest this is highly likely to happen sooner rather than later...

Sign in to Blogger
This is what we see before we sign in now

Sign in with your Blogger or Google Account
This is what we will start to see soon

You are logged in with your Google Account. Already a Blogger user? Switch now.
This is what we will see if we’re already signed in to our Google Account

In the last screenshot, the ‘Switch now’ link takes you to this – which currently returns a 404 error but will presumably migrate or link your Google Account to your existing Blogger details.

So the only question now is, “When will this happen?”

Update: 14 August 2006 (21:27)

When will this happen? Sooner than we thought perhaps...

Blogger Beta is finally here!

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