24 July 2006

Slightly rippled with a flat underside

Here we go again. Last time it was Walkers that got on my wick. This time it’s Cadbury. Why? Firstly because their Cadbury Boost bars are substandard and secondly because they didn’t even bother to read my complaint properly. Here’s what I sent them via their website last Wednesday:

Dear Cadbury,

Every single time I purchase one of your delicious Cadbury Boost bars, I carefully tear open the wrapper to discover that it’s stuck to my Boost because all the caramel goodness has leaked out of the base of the bar! I then have to spend a good few minutes trying to scrape the caramel off the wrapper with my teeth so that I don’t waste any. This always happens regardless of where I’ve purchased my Boost.

Is there something inherently wrong with the design of the Boost bar that makes it impossible for the bar to contain its caramel filling? Is this a known issue? Have you got anybody in your company working on a more sturdy Boost design?

I look forward to your comments.

Kind regards,

Tony Ruscoe

On Friday morning, I received my reply by post:

Dear Mr Ruscoe,

I am very concerned that you had cause to contact us about Cadbury Boost, but would thank you for taking the time and trouble to bring this matter to our attention.

Great care is taken during the manufacturing and packing of Cadbury confectionery to ensure that our products leave us in perfect condition. It is quite clear that on this occasion you have purchased a product that is below the high quality you would associate with Cadbury.

We would like you always to enjoy Cadbury confectionery at its best. I hope you will use the attached refund for £1.50.

Thank you once again for taking the trouble to contact us. If I can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me on our freephone careline 0800 818181.

Your sincerely


Consumer Relations Department

It would appear that they’re not that concerned about the Boost design being flawed then. Despite me saying that it happens “every single time ... regardless of where I’ve purchased my Boost” they still seem to think that “this occasion” is a one-off! (Still, at least they could be bothered to send me compensation, which is more than Gary Lineker did last time.)

Has anyone else experienced this problem with Cadbury Boost bars or is it just me?

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At least it didn't have Salmonella in it (or maybe it did, you can never be sure with Cadbury's stuff).

Indeed, I too experiance this issue with every single Boost bar I've purchased. I've been in the mood for a good petition lately, why not start one to get Boost bars improved Tony?

You will be taking pot shots from the roof of Aspect court soon if you do not contain your urge to grumble. Picking off innocent pedestrians who dared to annoy you (by walking or something). Is SDL a training centre for psycho nut bags? It starts with crisps and chocolate bars but ends up a bloodbath.
by Anonymous Anonymous  

Yes this happens to me with every Boost bar I buy - very annoying

It's also happens with Star Bars too, it's not an isolated Boost case
by Anonymous Anonymous  

I've noticed you can't buy (individual) Boost bars in Sainsburys, so maybe one of their executives has a similar problem with the bar's construction.

I've found keeping them in the fridge makes the sticky bits break off the foil instead, much easier. Maybe convince your local to keep you a small stock in their drinks coolers :)

Get a life mate!

Just had one and the exact same problem, happens every time...apart from once. I can not remember where it was from but I know it was a little more expensive than usual but worth the extra a I did not have to waste any.

I realise this is an old thread but everytime I buy a Boost it has this same annoying flaw so I decided to Google it, hence discovering your blog post.

Why don't they fix it?!? It's so frustrating. The chocolate bar is amazing yet it's always ruined by being stuck to the wrapper with toffee.