24 July 2006

Five fun things to do on a rainy weekend

  1. Pick your mate up from the train station. Park your car whilst you grab some lunch at the Common Room on Devonshire Street. Forget about buying a parking ticket. Get a £30 parking fine. Pay your parking fine within 14 days to avoid having to pay £60 instead.

  2. Cover your barbecue with a piece of wood. Give a couple of good friends a golfing umbrella and get them to stand in the rain, keeping it alight until the sun comes out:

    Tony's Birthday BBQ (2 of 24)
  3. Using the Guinness Surger that The Rileys gave you for your birthday, experiment with open vessels containing different liquids just to see what will happen. Here’s a good example of what happens when you ‘surge’ a bottle of Stella Artois:

    (Warning: Don’t try this at home without a chemistry doctorate being present.)

  4. Put your head down for a well deserved nap whilst the cleaning fairies come and tidy up after your party:

    Tony's Birthday BBQ (24 of 24)
  5. Wake up the next morning around 06:00 wondering where everyone’s gone and take a look at the photos to try and remind yourself what else you got up to...

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