7 June 2006

What is Google Weaver?

Remember how I posted about Google Account service names a couple of weeks back? Well, after doing a bit more digging around I’ve found another Google service that doesn’t appear to be discussed anywhere. Its ‘code name’ is weaver and the actual name shown on the login screen is M Scrapbook.

Sign in to M Scrapbook with your Google Account

Here are the usual links:

So, what is Google Weaver or M Scrapbook? Perhaps it was the working title for Google Notebook. Maybe it’s just something that Googlers use internally. Or could it be a totally new service?

Anyone? Anyone? Anyone seen this before?

Update: 24 June 2006 (15:51)

The service name has now changed from M Scrapbook to Weaver – see this screenshot:

Sign in to Weaver with your Google Account

Does this mean Google don’t want people to know about M Scrapbook? Does this mean we’re closer to a release? Does this mean anything at all?



they do exactly what they say on the tin ruscoe.

Sort it out ruscoe, sort it out.
by Anonymous Anonymous  

Hey! I cannot login. What did you see when you logged in? Was there an actual service?
by Anonymous Anonymous  

Hi Tony
I just wonder whether it has anything to do with automatic translation. The "industry leader" in the field of statistical machine translation is a company called Language Weaver.... so I just wonder.

Check this out: !! Looks like you found it earlier :)


I think it has to do with Google's new health strategy/service, I heard weaver is the codename. Did you hear anything about this?

Thanks Heather. Yes, I've heard a lot about it. Check this post and forum thread on Google Blogoscoped where I'm co-editor for more details.


Any thoughts that google weaver has been quietly passed across to Mozilla? or just a happy coincidence?


Jon, I'm pretty sure these projects are unrelated. We know that Google Weaver is Google Health and that's quite different to Mozilla Weave: