10 June 2006

Google RS2, SSD and Mobile Download Console

Right then folks, this is going to have to be a quick post because it's a beautiful sunny day here so I'll be soon playing golf, watching the England match and having a BBQ...

After stumbling across M Scrapbook (aka Google Weaver) a few days ago, I stepped up my search for new Google services and found the following:


Google RS2

When trying to login, the page simply displays the usual ‘The page you requested is invalid.’ message.



When I tried to login to this service, I was redirected to the Google Accounts summary screen.


Mobile Download Console

The first time I tried to login to this service, I was redirected to a page displaying the following:

Oops... We didn't understand that. You have tried to access a non-existent page.

(However, attempting to login now just takes me to the Google Accounts summary screen.)

The Google Downloadable Console Home link in the footer links to but clicking it takes you back to which shows the same error message as above.


So, what could all these services be? I'll leave it up to you to speculate as I'm off to play golf...

Update: 30 September 2006 (16:42)
Around 28 September 2006, references to “Mobile Download Console” changed to “Mobile Content Console” in all the Google Accounts, login and new account pages.



A similar Oops error:

anyhoot, go play golf get 2 points off your handicap for that analysis :)_
by Anonymous Anonymous  

Seems like a UK service.

Seems, I am finally able to know something more about SSD.