11 June 2006

Google LH2?

And I’ve found another one to add to my list of Google Account Service Names...


Google LH2

When I tried to login to this service, I was redirected to the same URL as the ‘NewAccount’ link above – i.e.

Having investigated further, the NewAccount link actually contains a META refresh (and JavaScript redirect just for good measure) to, which redirects to the ServiceLogin page and then to the invitationRequired URL, eventually showing a common Not Found error.


So, we can guess that LH2 requires an invitation of sorts. Apart from that, I know nothing else about it. Does anyone have any ideas?

Update: 14 June 2006 (9:24)

As it turns out, ‘LH2’ was nothing to do with Liquid Hydrogen rockets being sent to the moon! Instead, it was the code name for Picasa Web Albums.

Trying the ServiceLogin link now takes you to the Picasa Web Albums login screen whilst the NewAccount link now redirects to (The Login link, however, still displays a login for the ‘LH2’ service.)



LH2 = Liquid Hydrogen. I think Google must be building a rocket to the moon or something,

I think Chris is right, still remember the April hoax? "The Lunar Job"

Orian said...
Ever heard of LightHouse?

Yes indeed. I didn't really make the connection between LightHouse and LH2 until Philipp Lenssen pointed it out over on the Google Blogoscoped forum though.

I am from China.The Google LH2Service addresses you gave Redirects to Picasa Web Albums!