6 June 2006

Another Google Exclusive...?

Some people have realised that Google subdomains aren’t always being created for new services anymore. Google Notebook and Google Co-op didn’t have them when they were released recently. (Neither did Google Trends at first; that one’s been added since.) But when news started to break about the new Google Spreadsheets service, Philipp Lenssen immediately “did the first thing that came to mind and entered” and found it resolved!

Anyway, before people start searching for more subdomains, I figured I should break my silence and make this exclusive announcement...

Google have finally agreed to partner with me to create my own personal service. It’s still in the early test stage at the moment, but it will be hosted here during its ‘Limited Test’ phase:

From what my sources tell me, they might also be actually working on the following services too:

(Of course, all those domains simply take you to the Google home page for now, just as most new Google services do before they’re released...)

Anyway, that’s all I can say right now. And I’ve probably said too much already...


[Hat tip to Google Blogoscoped for the new subdomain hint...]



OK so my other leg has bells on, whats the deal with you and google, or is it simply that all subdomains of the subdomain resolve to the google homepage?!


THAT'S TOTALLY WHACK! Are they partering with you too? They never mentioned anything to me about it...

Before, there was the same hack with an other subdomain:
but it doesn't work anymore.