10 April 2006

Ikea. It's not so bad.

Being male, I realise that I shouldn’t admit to liking Ikea. I should probably even have a stack of excuses already prepared just in case the missus suggests we go there, especially if the suggested day is a Sunday or – God forbid – a Bank Holiday. In fact, I even know someone who suggests that he and the wife should go to Ikea just to gain some bonus “husband points” when he’s running low on them.

Anyway, I like Ikea, and since we needed some bits for the house (a blind for the bathroom, a light for the bedroom, etc.) I suggested we went there yesterday. It’s not as bad as everyone makes out. I mean, you get a free pencil each time you visit, maybe even two or three if you’re lucky! The furniture is also cheaper than most other places, so you actually save quite a bit of money. Also, the 10 meatballs meal (usually £3.25) was on a buy one get one free offer yesterday. This meant you could buy 20 meatballs for £3.25 – that’s fifty whole English pence cheaper than the 15 meatballs meal (£3.75)! Naturally, I had two meals to myself, whereas Suzy preferred to pay 50p more for less food... I know, I don’t understand women’s logic either.

After eating some of that Ikea Dime bar cake stuff – which is more accurately known as ALMONDY Almond Cake with DAIM® – we decided to buy a couple of them from their Swedish shop. The sign said they were £2.75 each. We bought two. But when we got to the checkout, we were only charged £5.00! It turns out there was a special (secret) combo offer that nobody knew about – not even the checkout operator!

And just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any better, we got home to find that they hadn’t even charged us for that “Lunch and Brunch” recipe book that we didn’t really need! If only they hadn’t charged us for the rest of the stuff we didn’t need either...

Now, if Ikea gave out Nectar points, I’d be there every weekend!!!

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You say Ikea isn't that bad...........clearly that's cos you do what all blokes do and head straight to the caff whilst the missus has to brave the throngs. This is especially bad when one's nearest Ikea is Warrington and scousers go there on day trips. Seriously.

Sort it out Ruscoe. Sort it out.
by Anonymous Anonymous