22 February 2006

The Internet's Going Swapping Mad!

First there was File Swap, then there was Sketch Swap and now there’s Question Swap!

File Swap didn’t really appeal to me. I’m lazy, so uploading and downloading files sounded like too much hard work to me. I played Sketch Swap for a bit but quickly realised I was rubbish at it, and since there’s no way to just view what people have submitted or correct your mistakes, I got bored of that pretty easily. (Of course, you could just submit a few squiggles and view a sketch in return – but that’s just creating more effort and must be annoying for the people who moderate all the sketches.)

Question Swap is quite addictive though. You don’t need to find a suitable file from your hard drive, nor do you have to sketch anything; you simply ask one of the thousands of pointless questions that’s probably floating around inside your head right now. In return, you have to answer somebody else’s question, which seems fair enough, and whenever someone answers your question, the response gets emailed to you. Whilst some of the responses can be rubbish, most are usually pretty funny. Check out some of the examples to see what I mean.

Whatever will they be swapping next? Here are some possible ideas:

Any more?

[Via Google Blogoscoped]



Spit swap!