25 February 2006

Exclusive: Google Brin Creator

In the same week as releasing Google Page Creator (which was allegedly named after Co-Founder & President of Products, Larry Page) I can exclusively reveal that Google has also been working on Google Brin Creator, presumably named after Co-Founder & President of Technology, Sergey Brin.

Rumour has it that Brin was so upset about not having a service named after him, that he forced some poor Googlers to create the new service as their 20% project. From the website:

Has Google Page Creator let you down?

Are they still unable to offer new accounts due to heavy demand? Is your address already taken? Why don’t you start creating Sergey Brins instead of Larry Pages? They will live on our site at

Google Brin Creator allows users to “create and publish cool, attractive looking Sergey Brins in just minutes” which are then hosted on the domain (rather than the one used by Google Page Creator).

What will they ever think of next?


Update: 24 March 2006 (17:39)
Check it out... someone was inspired by Google Brin Creator and copied it!

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I do declare this the geekiest thing I've ever seen you do.

I'm not sure about that. Searching for secret Google Subdomains must come pretty close...

one word - "outside" !! Its real you know you don't have to simulate it using a screen saver, theres even stuff out there (I admit the weathers pretty sh1t at the moment so maybe you shouldnt)

you need a listing of all the previously created Brins

Oh and did you really go to all this effort to get noticed by other Googlers ?!?!

Damn you SDL boys need help!!!


you need a listing of all the previously created Brins

Agreed. You can now view all the published Brins here:

Google Brin Creator Gallery

I should probably order them by date really, but that would take more effort...

Well copying your site was fun ... first thing i blogged when i found it was Wow is this easily doable or not. But let's be honest, it's a "copy" only like a "human" is a copy of a ape ;-)
by Anonymous Anonymous