8 January 2006

Life's Story: The One That Hasn't Been Told

Back in November, we had two free movies put through our letterbox. One was a copy of Spider-Man 2 on UMD which I received for registering my PSP. The other was a DVD copy of Life’s Story: The One That Hasn’t Been Told which was accompanied by a leaflet from our local church explaining:

[S]cience, through the idea that everything including ourselves evolved spontaneously from a big bang, has given us a reason to reject the whole idea that God is a reality. We have no need to believe in Him anymore because there is another explanation of why we are here.

But what if some scientists have made a mistake? What if they have got it wrong? The DVD with this leaflet scientifically demonstrated that the latest DNA research proves that evolution is impossible.

Could it be that the Bible has been right all along?

We would like you to accept this DVD as a gift to keep and to consider honestly these important questions.

We finally got around to watching the DVD tonight and I’ll summarise the main points of the elaborate story for you below (and I’m paraphrasing here):

I’m sure you’ll agree that there are some interesting ideas there. Not only does Mark Haville (writer and producer) give the impression that the evolution process happens over the period of a few hours or days, but he even tries to argue that all animals on Earth today are exactly the same today as they’ve always been. He also argues against himself at several points throughout the DVD.

For example, he states that giraffes give birth standing up because they can’t rise to their feet as quickly as other animals, which would make them easy prey for lions when they give birth. Fair enough. However, he then tries to prove his point that evolution is impossible by saying that since giraffes would probably die if they didn’t give birth standing up, there must be some sort of Intelligent Design going on! Well... I’m not a scientist, but perhaps giraffes now give birth standing up because all the ones that gave birth lying down in the past were eaten by lions!!!

Trying to suggest that animals know everything when they’re born but humans need to be taught everything is also ridiculous. Humans only need to be taught things (like how to set the clock on the microwave – although even that comes naturally to some people) because we’ve made everything more complicated for ourselves. The key skills we need for survival come naturally; my niece apparently knew exactly what she needed to do when she came to have her first meal outside the womb – and nobody ever taught me that I have to pull my hand away quickly whenever I touch something hot!

Also, I thought that the natural variations in living creatures are what make evolution possible. Suggesting that it’s down to the “artistic flair” of their creator is quite literally incredible. And I’m only guessing here, but I reckon that cows didn’t simply turn into dolphins overnight...

Anyway, maybe I’m wrong. I know plenty other people have their own theories on evolution. In fact, Chris Hill recently made an interesting argument supporting Darwin’s theories in his post titled Intelligent Design Vs When Stunts Go Bad. (Personally, I’d like to hear what Mark Haville has to say about that – and if he wants to post another free DVD through my door trying to convince me that stunts don’t go bad, I’ll watch it with pleasure.)

If you want to see Life’s Story for yourself, you can buy it online from NPN Videos (for £12.95) where you can also watch trailers and buy other Christian DVDs such as Beyond Seduction (whatever that might be about), A Woman Rides The Beast (I didn’t think that sort of thing was allowed in Bible times) and – coming soon – Life’s Story 2: The Reason For The Journey!!!

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Welcome to my World, glad to see the American bible thumping craze is catching on over there.

"ut what if some scientists have made a mistake? What if they have got it wrong? The DVD with this leaflet scientifically demonstrated that the latest DNS research proves that evolution is impossible."

DNS research! Is this connected to the Bill gates /Microsoft is God theory of evolution?

Mr Crayon, this is nothing to do with the Bill Gates/Microsoft is God theory of evolution. My brain is obviously just thinking about computer stuff too much!

DNS research = DNA research

Typo corrected.

I've seen the DVD. My fave quote:

"The fact that humans were made from dust is proven by the fact that household dust consists of 99% human skin."

Ouch, the stupid, it burns.