23 January 2006

Free Translation Blog Released

Here I am, banging on about Google and their new stuff all the time, whilst forgetting that the company I work for has got a pretty cool tool of our own. (No, I’m not talking about myself; whilst many people might call me a tool, I’m not sure how many would call me cool.) has been around since 1999. If you’re between 13 and 21 years old and living in the USA, you’ll probably have used it to translate some insults into a foreign language before emailing them to your friends. (For some reason, most Europeans use another website – but we won’t talk about that here!)

Today we quietly released the Blog. There’s only one post there at the moment, but there are plenty more to come and they should make quite interesting reading. Some people might think that we’re jumping on the blogging bandwagon a few years too late – I think that if you’ve got something to say, it’s better to say it late than never! (Also, trying to justify working on something that isn’t going to make you money is always difficult!)

The fact that I’m posting about something work related like this makes me feel like I’m trying to be to what Matt Cutts is to Google or something! As if... (Well, I can dream can’t I!?!)

Anyway, if you’re interested in translation, add the Blog Feed to your feed reader or aggregator. And if there’s anything you’d like to know, post a comment here or there and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

BTW, this was going to be an exclusive post but I thought I’d let Chris have the scoop since he’s been so patiently waiting for its release so he could be the first person in the blogosphere to post about it!

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