18 December 2005

Uncle Tony

I am now an Uncle! My sister finally gave birth to a lovely 7lb 12oz baby girl at around 09:05 on Saturday, 17th December, 2005. As a result, she will be sharing her birthday with Chris, who celebrated his 25th birthday on the same day. (He actually seems to be quite happy that he’s sharing his special day with my niece, but I guess he’s really thinking that I’ll never be able to forget his birthday...)

For all my broody readers – and there are at least two or three that I can think of – here are some photos:

Five minutes old Fifty minutes old Six hours old with Uncle Tony Seven hours old Tony’s hand, tiny hand One day old with Uncle Tony

My new niece is the most lovely, cute, contented, perfect little baby that I’ve ever seen! Congratulations our kid – I’m well proud of you!

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We're really happy for you, and bet you are dead proud. The pictures are great and she looks absolutely adorable. From one of the broody three!!