16 December 2005

Hunger Breaks: Kebab Attack

I’ve got a bit of a reputation for eating kebabs. I love them. In fact, I’ve been known to eat them when sober from a few specially selected “five-star” kebab shops. In my first year at university, Damo challenged me to eat three kebabs in a row. Easy-peasy! I’ve even tried frozen kebabs from the supermarket (which were OK) and packet kebab meat (which was a bit nasty). Naturally, when I saw a new kebab-based product on one of the shelves in Asda, I simply had to try it!

Hunger Breaks: Kebab Attack (1 of 3) Hunger Breaks: Kebab Attack (2 of 3) Hunger Breaks: Kebab Attack (3 of 3)

Kebab Attack is part of the Hunger Breaks range from Crosse & Blackwell. On the surface, this obviously sounds like an ideal snack. Beans are great. Kebabs are great. Therefore, beans and kebab meat must be mega-great. This is simply not so. The kebab meat might look like the doner kebab meat you get down at your local kebab shop but that’s where the similarity ends.

The “Beans” (36%) are fine. They look and taste like baked beans – not Heinz Baked Beanz, but baked beans nevertheless. However, the kebab part of the “meal” is actually made from “Chicken Doner Kebab Pieces” (17%). Now, I like chicken and I eat it quite a lot. I’ve had a lot of chicken kebabs too. However, I don’t eat cardboard – and that’s what this tasted like to me. Little squares of compressed cardboard pumped with water, rusk, chicken fat, potato starch, salt, wheat starch, ground spices and stabilisers. Yum.

So... to summarise:

Make: Crosse & Blackwell
Range: Hunger Breaks
Product: Kebab Attack
Weight: 410g
Price: £0.99
Allergy Advice: Contains Wheat, Gluten and Cardboard

My advice? Don’t bother.

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I beg to differ. I too love kebabs and enjoy a regular Thursday "Kebab Night" from Mick's kebabs in Cowley Middlesex (highly recommended). This "snack" passed off as a reasonable imitation in my view, a little underwhelming perhaps in that the sauce was not what I call hot, but there was plenty of pretend meat, enough to convince a hungry person at lunch time that they were eating something substantial. My colleague on the other hand tried the "All Day Breakfast" that really IS rubbish! I tried the so called sausage, I can't describe it really, suffice it to say it induced vomiting!
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