28 November 2005

TalkMan: Talking Global with PSP

Whilst my PSP is absolutely brilliant, I can’t help thinking that it must still have loads more to offer than just games, movies and music...

Imagine if I could take my PSP on holiday with me, speak English into it and have it instantly translate what I said into another language and speak it back to me. Well, if I want to translate what I say into Chinese, Korean or Japanese, this review suggests that’s not such a crazy idea after all. TalkMan was recently released in Japan and does exactly that. It’s bundled with a USB microphone that screws into the top of your PSP and uses speech recognition software to try and find a match for what you’ve said in its huge list of common phrases. You can even play games to help you with your language learning and pronunciation.

It’s not quite a Babel fish, but it’s one step closer I guess.

(What else could that USB microphone be used for though? I’m thinking that SingStar for the PSP would certainly keep my fellow tram passengers entertained on the way into work...)

[Via Waxy]

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