23 May 2005

Birthday Bangers and Mash

Birthday Bangers and Mash
Suzy’s special birthday tea

It was Suzy’s birthday today and Debbie asked me earlier if I’d be making something special for tea. When I replied with, "Suzy’s having Sausage Tonight," she obviously thought I was being rude. This photo is to prove three things: (i) I wasn’t being rude at all – Suzy really did have Sausage Tonight; (ii) I actually put birthday candles in the sausages, just as Debbie requested...

... and (iii) I really know how to treat a lady!!!

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cheeky monkey, like the effect of the bangers and mash avec candles, you're such a romantic! Debs x
by Anonymous Anonymous  

shouldn't there be a couple more candles on there? ;o)
Hope it tasted as good as it looked!
by Anonymous Anonymous