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27 May 2005

Big Aunt: Big Brother for Big Ants

Chris Riley is putting so much effort into his latest online project that I think it’s only fair I give him some space on my blog.

Chris says, "Now that Big Brother is starting in the UK this Friday, I’ve decided that now is the time to put some Ants in the gel and watch them in what I like to call Big Aunt." (You can read more in his original post.)

His mate (and best man) Anthony bought him the Antquarium and designed the logo (which I think looks pretty neat) and I’ve kindly lent him my webcam so that everyone in the world can see what the ants are getting up to in the Big Aunt Antquarium.

Sadly, I’m also to blame for giving him the idea that the phrase "Big Ant" could be turned into "Big Aunt" to keep it more in keeping with "Big Brother". This pun works fine for me because I pronounce "Aunt" exactly the same way as I do "Ant" - and for anyone who pronounces it differently... well, that’s just tough!

So, if Big Brother 6 gets too boring for you, be sure to tune in to Big Aunt to catch the latest from the Big Aunt Antquarium...

Let’s hope it turns out to be fANTastically brilliANT and not a load of pANTs!

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25 May 2005

Sheffield Uni Reunion 2005: Pop Tarts London

Another University of Sheffield reunion in London is being planned for Saturday 24th September 2005. The details I’ve received so far are as follows (last updated on Friday 24th June 2005):

Received 24th May 2005

POP TARTS LONDON!!!!! Bring it on!

We’re really excited to announce the arrival of the third storming Sheffield Uni reunion in London, on Saturday 24th Sept!

Following hot on the heels of 2003’s "Love Shack London", and last year’s "Love Tarts London", by very popular demand we now have POP TARTS London!

More favourite classic cheesy tunes, a student-priced, silly-cheap bar all night and a chance to meet up with old mates (and old flames) on the 24th Sept at the same venue, the enormous Camden Centre, Kings Cross.

Be sure to put it in your diaries now, and please spread the word far and wide – more details to follow in the next few days!


Seb, Katherine (and many others...)
Graduated 2001

P.S. To get your email address onto our mailing list, send us an email with ‘add me’ in the subject

Received 16th June 2005

POP TARTS LONDON is coming!!!

There was a huge response to the last email, and you can now reserve your very own ticket and get more details at We’ve also finally gotten round to posting photos on the website from the past two events, Love Tarts London, and Love Shack London, so have a look and see if you’re there!!!

As always, vital ingredients for the event will be cheep cheep drinks all night, classic cheesy tunes from our native Sheffield Uni DJ, and a great excuse to meet up with old friends and flames from days gone by! Loads of you have been emailing us with your new email addresses, so if your mates have moved jobs etc, they may not be getting this email – please forward it on and spread the word to make sure they all get tickets.

If you want to add an email address to our mailing list, you can do this on the website too. Any other questions, just drop us a line...

Looking forward to it!


Seb, Katherine, and the others...
Graduated 2001

For more information, check out the Pop Tarts London website.

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23 May 2005

Birthday Bangers and Mash

Birthday Bangers and Mash
Suzy’s special birthday tea

It was Suzy’s birthday today and Debbie asked me earlier if I’d be making something special for tea. When I replied with, "Suzy’s having Sausage Tonight," she obviously thought I was being rude. This photo is to prove three things: (i) I wasn’t being rude at all – Suzy really did have Sausage Tonight; (ii) I actually put birthday candles in the sausages, just as Debbie requested...

... and (iii) I really know how to treat a lady!!!

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My personal website has seen a number of changes since 1998. Back then it had no content, was "best viewed with Netscape 3.0" and was hosted on an obscure URL given to me by my university department. It’s been hosted on the domain for the past three years, and yesterday saw the launch of the fifth incarnation.

Why bother?

It’s been over a year since I last made any major changes to my site and I got bored of looking at the same site design everyday. I also wanted to get away from the old-fashioned method of using tables for layout and instead move towards XHTML and better use of CSS.

New Blog

I’ve had an online blog since 2002. (The previous entries from 2000 and 2001 were pulled from my web browser’s bookmarks so I could have an archive when I first put it online!)

I wrote my own first weblog system in ASP with an Access database backend, but I rewrote the whole thing using the FileSystemObject after Access caused me a few problems with server performance. This really didn’t give me much flexibility and since producing an Atom/RSS feed was going to require quite a bit of extra development, I’ve finally made the switch to Blogger.

There’s still some fiddling and tweaking to be done, but please let me know if you have any comments.

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