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24 November 2004

Pixelfest Collaborative Artwork

The Man In Blue asks, "Can a group of random people, each contributing a teensy weensy bit, make a coherent piece of art/design/garbage purely through the influence of the work itself?" I added pixel 4234. Go and pixelate!


2 November 2004

ASCII Graphic Generator

This is great for creating annoyingly huge signatures that use only ASCII text. That’s all it’s good for though.


Ashlee Simpson Karaoke Edition iPod

So, Apple has released a U2 iPod. Well that’s nothing compared to this special edition! As the designer says: "If only an iPod existed that would make lip syncing fool proof so we wouldn’t have to know that our musicians only pretend to sing live. And then we could go on with our lives without having to worry wether or not the person performing on television was lip syncing or not."

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