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25 August 2004

HomeRun Flash Game

So it’s all in a foreign language, but it doesn’t mean you can’t play! Simply move your mouse either left or right to counter balance this poor drunken bloke walking home. (Thanks to Jan’s blog for the link!)


23 August 2004

The Invisibility Game

It’s like one of those "how steady is your cursor" flash games where you weave your mouse through tough obstacles. Except here, you can’t see the mouse. Sure, you can cheat, but that’s not the point.


3 August 2004

Preparing for Emergencies

This is a parody of the UK Government’s Preparing for Emergencies website. It seems the Government must have some retard working in their web department who didn’t think to register the "" domain. They probably get overpaid too. Anyway, what’s more interesting to me is that this website was created by the same guy who created the Jim’ll Fix It Badge Maker I linked to a while back. Thomas Scott must be an Internet genius...