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25 May 2004

How Gay Are You?

Take part in the national big gay poll for "How Gay Are You?" on Sky One. According to the test, I am SERIOUSLY UNDERGAY. I have a lot to learn from gay men. If I take on some of the lessons that gay men have to teach me then girls will stop being disgusted by my behaviour and I’ll be more likely to find the woman of my dreams. I require urgent attention.


21 May 2004

The Subservient Chicken

"Get the chicken just the way you like it." Type in your commands and watch the human chicken do exactly what you tell it to. OK, so it’s an advert for Burger King, but it’s amazingly addictive and can be quite funny depending on what you tell it to do...


6 May 2004

Back to the Future DeLorean Conversions

Need a BTTF Car by next week? This guy’s selling one and all the bits on eBay. If only I had £12k or so, I’d buy it myself. His website’s worth looking at whether you’ve got the cash or not. His replicas are spot on! And on a related note, check out The Back to the Future Tour – the most comprehensive guide to Back to the Future filming locations on the Internet.

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The Jim'll Fix It Badge Maker

“Now then, now then!” This little web toy will let you make your own Jim’ll Fix It badge, with whatever you want written on it. Then you can save it, and upload it to your own web site, or email it to your friends. How’s about that then?

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3 May 2004

The Mirror Project

The Mirror Project is a growing community of like-minded individuals who have photographed themselves in all manner of reflective surfaces. I stumbled on this website because it has a few photos of Jan on it. This one’s the best.