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19 March 2003

Bud Light’s Making Faces

OK... so it’s viral marketing and I’m kind of advertising for them now... but go there now! It’s real good fun!


7 March 2003


You know those safety cards in aircrafts? Well, this guy’s made up some very amusing captions for them. (The link will take you to my personal favourite, but be sure to check them all out!)


Airtoons posted by at 14:28

6 March 2003

Rain Man: The Game

See that film with Dustin Hoffman? Well, here’s a game. "Counting cards, counting cards!" Actually, it’s counting matches this time... but the idea’s still the same.


5 March 2003


More great flash stuff to download and play with... Don’t leave without clicking on every little link on the site! In particular, check out the beating heart (Hint: Move you mouse closer to the heart to make it beat faster!)


3 March 2003

Find out how many people in the UK have the same name as you! Well, that’s not strictly true and I’ve no idea where they get the info from. (It’s a shame about the typo in the URL really. Surely it should be called You’re Not Me!)